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Ford Superduty CNG Conversion


People living in areas like Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas should consider making the Ford Superduty CNG conversion as early as possible. These states are located in some of the most plentiful sources for natural gas reservoirs in the entire country. Natural gas is becoming more popular as a source for fuel among businesses and individual consumers alike.

Natural gas prices reached historic lows in 2012 due to a superfluous domestic supply in conjunction with the recent expansive extraction operations of domestic E&P firms. Natural gas is looking more favorable as the leading candidate for a reliable, sustainable and viable economic fuel source for the long-term future.

The retail price for the Ford Superduty CNG Conversion vehicles is higher but the long-term fuel costs are far lower. Natural gas prices have shown their potential to decrease when recently fueled by innovation while oil prices and prices at the pump can be expected to increase long-term. Consumers and business professionals can reasonably expect natural gas prominence in the US to grow substantially throughout the next the next few decades in the least.

There are already helpful services available online like websites from natural gas providers that feature CNG calculators designed to help business professionals project costs or gauge the ramifications that may affect specific in-house criteria. Ford released itd CNG bi-fuel Super Duty F-350 and F-250 halfway through 2012.

The 6.2 liter V8 engines in the heavy duty trucks can switch between using regular gas or CNG with the easy flip of a switch. Most major enterprises that rely or heavily utilize commercial fleets have already invested or recently made an inquiry about integrating natural gas vehicles into the business. Many analysts predict that the price for natural gas at public stations could be around $1.50 gas-gallon equivalent.

Many people in the Midwest will benefit from these heavy-duty Ford trucks with low fuel costs that can help make working and traveling indefinitely more profitable and efficient as well. The engines in the bi-fuel vehicles are just as powerful and reliable as the normal Ford Super Duty F-350 and F-250.

People living states like Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas benefit considerably because this is where one of the most abundant natural gas resources in the US is located, making the transportation costs and other expenses lower for consumers and businesses in these immediate areas. Many consumers and businesses also benefit from additional tax credits and rebates that are available with CNG vehicles.



Save Money on Fuel


Convert your vehicle to take advantage of the historic low prices of compressed natural gas (CNG) and the major price disparity between CNG and gasoline.

Buy American Energy


Natural Gas is abundantly produced in the US. Converting your vehicle fleets will reduce our dependence on foreign oil and help our economy.

Cut Carbon Emissions


Converting your vehicles to natural gas will significantly reduce harmful carbon emissions and greenhouse gases, get ahead of EPA fuel economy standards.

Protect your Engine


Cleaner-burning compressed natural gas (CNG) means your vehicle will need less maintenance and should enjoy a longer engine life.

For more information about CNG Conversion please call 918-445-6076


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